Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Such a beautiful day

The first pat of the year has just passed on. Time goes by so... quickly. Summer started a week ago, and finally we have just jumped into holiday time. Last few days were quite wet. It was raining and the temperature was quite law. But yesterday real summer weather came back. I cut the lawn and enjoyd summertime.

Today it was also very nice, sunny and +25 C at 11.00. Let me show you a few pictures of the flowers growing at my balcony and plants in the garden.

Look at this beautiful surfinias. The first one is quite big and its fragrance is really very intensive and nice.

Other two surfinias are just under the roof.

The sky was so blue today!

This is a place for barbecue and for fun and rest :) Just among the trees (pines and oaks).

Part of the lawn.

I do love the weather such like this one! What about you?

Thursday, 19 June 2014

The end of spring

I haven't written here for such a long time. I really feel a little bit ashamed of that. I'm sorry. I will try to post here new photos and information much more often. Lots of things have been changed during lat two months in the garden. Many shrubs bloomed in May or June, most of them like rhododendrons have no flowers at all for now. Lots of evergreen broadleaf plants have new laeves... So... plants are growing... And this makes me quite happy :) 

Please forgive me my lazyness! Now, just enjoy some pictures taken this spring in my garden.

Have a good night!

Friday, 18 April 2014

Happy Easter

Happy Easter! Let spring bloom not only in your gardens but also in your hearts!

I will spend next few days in Prague (CZ) so forgive me please my late answers to your comments, remarks or questions.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Springtime in the garden

The first month of spring will finish in a week. I love this season! Every tree and shrub is goingto become green. We can observe hundreds of shades of green. Tulip tree has got small leaves. They will grow through coming weeks.

Aucuba japonica will bloom very soon. It has smal white flowers. They are not very nice, but what is important form me this shrub very rarely blooms in our climate.

Euonymus fortunei Canadale Gold started to grow quite fast. It's a kind of climber and when the plant finds a wall or tree it will start to climb.

Another genus of Euonymus fortunei also looks nice. On the next picture you can find (from the left) different plants: 2 Sunspot, 2 Emerald'n Gold, 1 Sunspot and 1 Emerald Gaiety. I hope that in some time they create a nice evergreen coverage around the birch stem.

Viburnum rhytidophyllum also started to grow. This evergreen shrub in central Poland can grow up to 2-3 metres high.

It's really lovely all around. Easter is coming soon and as weather forecast say it wll be sunny and quite warm. We will chceck it in few days.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Spring - festival of colours

Spring is one of the most beautiful seaons for me. It brings longer days, more sunshine, higher temperatures and lots of colours. All shrubs and trees becoms to be green and now we can see hundreds of different shades of green. 

This is really fantastic. I'd like to show you few pictures of the most significant signs of spring here in the central part of Poland.

Magnolia stellata always starts to bloom quite early.

Aesculus will start to bloom very soon.

 Lots of fruit trees look very beautiful.

Forsythia is finishing its blooming time. Rememeber to cut it after this period. Do not do this in autumn because it will not bloom next year.

Vinca minor is also blooming now. It's one of the spring signs here.

It's really beautiful time. I love spring and its colours. Do you?

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Beautiful morning

Spring! I love this season! I love to wake up in the morning when birds are singing and twitting! Today we had a very beautiful morning. It was very sunny... and quite cold. I noticed just +1 C (33,8 F) at 06.30. But the temperature raised quickly and at 10.00 it was +14 C (57,2 F). Not that bad as for March here in central Poland. 

Birds and squirells enjoy spring do much! Plants feel very comfortable in such kind of circumstances. I love my garden and it makes me more patient, stronger and wiser. Let's have a look at my evergreen garden in Polad at early morning spring sunshine!

Lawn is quite green but most of huge trees do not still have fresh leaves. Oaks will get greener a litle bit later than other tres like maples or birches.

Some of evergreen broadleaf shrubs have just started to bloom. Look at this pieris japonica Debutante. Isn't it beautiful?

Vinca minor Variegata started to bloom few days ago!

I cleaned my pond. I also used special liquid which makes the water more transparent and which also helps to combat algaes (or fight with algaes - I do not know which word is proper for that).

I am still waiting for the first barbecue in the garden this year!

I think that I wil have to cut the grass very soon. It started to grow quote fast after some rainfoall that appeared two days ago. 

Please visit my blog systematicly. I will present here condition of my garden and different plant which grow here.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Plants started to grow and bloom

Last Friday and Saturday were very nice, warm and sunny. It was +24 C on Friday and +22 C on Saturday. Unfortunately Sunday was not that nice. It was cloudy with 14 C. Last night it started to rain. But hunid weather is very good for all plants, trees, flowers, shrubs which have just started to grow and to bloom.

I love spring, even whent it's raining and it's a little bit cold. I love to observe new leaves that appear on all trees and shrubs. I love all spring flowers. They are very colourfull and pretty. Let's look at my evergreen garden. I wil show you how the nature starts its new life after winter.

Mahonia aquifolium has just started to bloom.

Euonymus fortunei has got new fresh leaves.

Pansies are bloming! I planted them 18 days ago.

Prunus laurocerasus Herbergii will strat to bloom very soon. It's very beautiful evergreen broadleaf shrub which can withstand quite low temperature.

Clematis has a lot of nice frsh and light green leaves. Spring is here!

Fritillaria imperialis which we call Ceaser's crownis quite big as for the second half of March. We are waiting for beautiful and big red flowers.

Tulips will also start to bloom very soon.

Hyaciths are very close...

Some of them has just started to bloom!

Spring came quite early this year to Poland. It was snowing and freezing at the same time last year. I do prefer the weather that we have this year. 

I will present here on my blog how my garden changes during spring time!

Sunday, 9 March 2014


Fabruary did not bring a real winter. It was thaw here and snow that had come in January disapeared during first 10 days of February. Until now March has been really nice with some sun and quite high temeprature. Today it's been the warmest day this year. Temperature rised to +15 C (in shadow) and to +28 C in sunny places! That was really nice. Sunday was also the first day this year whe I ran my bike! Great. I was dreaming about it all throuhg the winter time.

When I came back home I took my camera and I went to the garden to look for some signs of spring. I also checked a condition of evergreen broadleaf shrubs.

I can say that all of plants withstood winter without any damages caused by the snow or frost. 

Hedera aarborescens looks quite good.

Aucuba japonica is going to grow new leaves.

Prunus laurocerasus Herbergii is in a very good condition.

The whole garden looks really nice.

Few days ago I planted some pansies. Some of them grow in flowerpots which I put on the stairs. 

I do hope that winter is not going to come back. Within few days I will inform you if the weather is still good and I will also show you condition of my plants.