Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Springtime in the garden

The first month of spring will finish in a week. I love this season! Every tree and shrub is goingto become green. We can observe hundreds of shades of green. Tulip tree has got small leaves. They will grow through coming weeks.

Aucuba japonica will bloom very soon. It has smal white flowers. They are not very nice, but what is important form me this shrub very rarely blooms in our climate.

Euonymus fortunei Canadale Gold started to grow quite fast. It's a kind of climber and when the plant finds a wall or tree it will start to climb.

Another genus of Euonymus fortunei also looks nice. On the next picture you can find (from the left) different plants: 2 Sunspot, 2 Emerald'n Gold, 1 Sunspot and 1 Emerald Gaiety. I hope that in some time they create a nice evergreen coverage around the birch stem.

Viburnum rhytidophyllum also started to grow. This evergreen shrub in central Poland can grow up to 2-3 metres high.

It's really lovely all around. Easter is coming soon and as weather forecast say it wll be sunny and quite warm. We will chceck it in few days.

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