Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Is it winter?

Late autumn in Poland can bring entirely different weather conditions. We experienced +10 C (50F) just few days ago. Today when I woke up in the morning I noticed -3C (26,6F) outside of the kitchen window. just berore 8 A.M. it started to snow. I wasn't a heavy snow but it made the ground white. Weather forecasts say that it's gonna be a little bit warmer next days. but we have to be ready for winter coming closer and closer. i don't like this part of the year. Plants in my garden do not like winter neither. Most of them are frost hardy enough but some can withstand temperature down to -15C (5F). Those should be covered to prevent them from a hard frost (if appear). They also don't tolerate winter draught and freezing winds. Luckily I live in the forest so we don't have here such a strong winds.

Let's visit my garden covered with a tiny white snow coverage.

You will soon find here some information about different frost hardy evergreen plants. I will also tell you how to treat them in winter.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Beautiful day in November

November in Poland is know as a wet and cloudy "grey" month. It is just a stereotype because statistics say that Julay and August are the wettest months in Central Europe (also in Poland). The truth is that the daylight is very short in Poland in November. And when it's cloudy it seems that the sun never shines. And it's very grey that time as the are no leaves on the trees. Today the sun rised around 7 a.m. and at 15.40 we notice the sunfall. 

But even in November we can experience very beautiful and sunny weather. Today, as for November it's quite warm. Even at 19.00 it,s still almost 10 degrees C. You can see that on

Today we had partly cloudy weather with some light rain at noon.

But yesterday... just watch! it was really nice!

Welcome to my evergreen garden in Poland. Isn't it nce? Even in November?

I will take you for a walk to my parents' garden very soon.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Gardening in November

There're not so many things to do in the garden in November in Poland. But there is one exception. If you live like me in the forest than you have to clean up the garden. There are so many leaves falling down everywhere. 

Yesterday I started the last (I hope) autumn cleaning of my garden. Today in the morning the weather was very nice. So I could continue my work. Unfortunately it was raininig very early in the morning ant the lawn was very wet. So I couldn't cut the grass.

Luckilly I had enough time to clean what I call "Rhododendron's corner". In fact you can find there not only evergreen rhododendrons but also other evergreen broadleaf plants like Skimmia, pieris, ivies and others. i will describe some of them soon here on my blog. 

My garden looks much better now. I hope that tommorow I will be able to finish all the works there and finally cut  the grass.

Stay tuned!

Monday, 4 November 2013

Autumn has made a lot of changes in my evergreen garden

I haven't been writing my blog in English for a long time. Last information was posted here in the middle of September. Please forgive me such a long brake. Lots of different things happend since that time. But I have to say sorry to all of you who came here and saw nothing new. I only wrote my blog in Polish. English has been forgotten until today. 

But I'm back and i promise to post here some news much more often than before. maybe not everyday, just few times a week. I hope it's gonna be good for you. 

Today I'm going to take you to a short journey through my garden in autumn 2013. So let's start our voyage.

First days of October brought some autumn fogs to my garden. It really looked mysterious and incredible.

Morning sun warmed the wet air and shortly the sky was clean.

When I woke up on Friday October 4, I noticed that it was a little bit freezing. It was not a very heavy frost, just -1 C, but it painted my neighbour garden in white.

As every year each October the leaves on the trees started to change their colours. This japanees maple should be red all the seaseon but it grows in quite shady part of my garden, so it always starts to be really red just in autumn.

Some flowers still grew outside, but only the most hardy flowers withstood the first slightly freezing morning.

A small maple changed its colours every day. It was really beautiful. I wish it looked like that through the whole season. No Photoshop or any other colour changes added.

In the mid October big trees like oaks, common maples, birches and others also started to change their colours. 

I love spring and summer, I hate winter and I do not like autumn because it gives the first signes of coming winter. Days are shorter, temperature drops down, but when I look at the trees I always forget about all of these bed things. The festival of colours really make me happy. And I am lucky to live in the area where I can observe it just from the balcony or through the window.

November has just started and there are still some flowers on my balcony. But I do believe that these days will be one of the last for them.

I still need to cut the lawn. I thing it will be last cutting this year. I do need to clean the leaves from the pine bark, which is not seen at all at the moment. But believe me, it lays under the leaves in the areas where there is no grass.

I will inform you soon how the weather condition changes here in the central part of Poland and how it affects my garden and my evergreen broadleaf plants.