Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Beautiful day - December 10, 2013

It was a little bit freezing today in the morning. Temperature dropped to -5 C (23 F). Happily the sky was clear and the sun which appeared around 7.30 AM brought fantastic weather. Truly speaking Poland is still devided into two parts. Cloudy western part of the country is a little bit warmer with +6 C (42,8 F) when sunny east suburbs are still quite cold with around -3 C (26,6 F). It's +2 C (35,6 F) at the moment in the area where I live so we are somewhere between two masses of air of different temperature and weater conditions. And it's partly cloudy here with some sun breaks. 

There are still some signs of snow in my garden. Quite heavy snow falls came here with Xaver witch blassed Europe last Thursday and Friday. Luckily the storm did not make any damages in my garden.

It is quite difficult to grow evergreen broadleaf plants in Poland. I wrote about it some time ago. But my experience and knowledge tells me that it is possible. And you can find the proof for that in my garden. You cas see some ivies here or spindles (Euonymus).

I also grow many different rhododendrons. I love them, especially in may whe they bloom. You can find here some different kinds of hollies, skimmias, pierises, cherry laurels (common laures), berberises and many others.

I will soon start some kind of presentation of evergreen broadleaf plants that grow in my garden. I will tell you how to take care of them and how frost hardy they are. 

Now, let's enjoy beautiful morning weater.

Monday, 9 December 2013

Xaver across Europe

Hurricane-force Storm Xaver blasted towards mainland Europe on Thursday after cutting transport and power in northern Britain and killing three people in what meteorologists warned could be the worst storm to hit the continent in years (REUTERS). "Xaver" started to attack Polish coast Thursday night. The maximum wind speed was not as fast as in the UK but strong enough (115 km/h). To destroy many buildings.

Friday morning was very quite in the central  part of Poland. We had some snowfalls night before. My garden looked like a very peacefull place.

Situation changed very rapidly early afternoon. Very strong wind came in a second. And it brought haevy snow.

A major storm surge threatened parts of Poland on Friday as a low-pressure system dubbed  Xaver began battering the coasts with chilly hurricane-force winds. The United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Poland and Scandinavia were most heavily affected by the severe storm, but cancelled flights and trains caused problems across Europe. 500 000 hoseholds had no electricity and 5 deaths were reported as the reasult of this storm. Xaver uprooted thousands of trees.

Late afternoon the wind was much lighter so I could go back to the garden to make some pics.

The storm came back in the evening but it was not as strong as in the afternoon. 

It was a very sunny and nice day on Saturday. Today it was also not so bad and I will show you some pictures of my garden tomorrow.