Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Skimmia japonica

Skimmia japonica is an evergreen broadleaf shrub which came to Europe from Far East. It is native to Japan, China and Korean Peninsula.      

In can be grown in moderate climate in USDA zones 6B - 7A and higher. It tolerates full or semi shade. In its natural habitat it grows to 6-7 meters high. The height in Europe is astimated on the level of 1,5 - 2 m  (and the same spread). Do notplant it in full sun. Skimmia doesn't like it at all!

Well drained and acidic soil would be the best for skimmia. It also needs regular watering.

Leaves are oblong-eliptic, dark green and glossy above, little bit yellow and green beneath, 10 cm long.

Flowers appear in early spring or at the end of winter. They are white and fragrant! Fruits come in autumn, but only on female plants. Male flowers are bigger and more fragrant!

This shrub is really beautiful and can be lanted even in small gardens.

Young species should be protected from severe frost (temperatures lower than -15 C).

Saturday, 15 February 2014


The second half of January brought here some real winter. We had quite cold nights with temperature dropping to -17 C (1,4 F). A lot of snow came at the end of the month. February sometimes is the coldest month in Poland. But this year winter is really fickle. December was quite warm First part of January looked like early spring and February seems to be also warmer than long term average. Snow started to diappear in the first week of this month. It's quite goog for broadleaf evergreen shrubs growing in my garden. 

Look at Prunus laurocerasus Herbergii!

Or at Skimmia japonica!

Thay look quite fresh and do not have any signs of winter or frost damages.

Mahonia aquifolium is very frost hardy. It can withstand quite severe frost. So Polish winters are not so dangerous for it.

Japaneese little corner is green all around the year. There are some quite hardy shrubs growing there like Rhododendrons or Pieris japonica. There are also some less hardy like Hedera Canariensis or Skimmia japonica.

Hedera arborescens is another frost hardy plant. It's small at the moment but it shoul grow 2-2,5 meters within 10 years.

Last few days were quite warm and sunny with temepratures around +10 C (50 F) durng the day. Almost all snow disappeared but there are still some white spots in shady places. 

Lawn looks quite nice. it;s very green and was not destroyed by frost and snow.

What's going to happen within next few days? Is winter coming back? Or spring 's waiting just round the corner? We wil see. I will inform you about that on my blog!