Sunday, 6 April 2014

Spring - festival of colours

Spring is one of the most beautiful seaons for me. It brings longer days, more sunshine, higher temperatures and lots of colours. All shrubs and trees becoms to be green and now we can see hundreds of different shades of green. 

This is really fantastic. I'd like to show you few pictures of the most significant signs of spring here in the central part of Poland.

Magnolia stellata always starts to bloom quite early.

Aesculus will start to bloom very soon.

 Lots of fruit trees look very beautiful.

Forsythia is finishing its blooming time. Rememeber to cut it after this period. Do not do this in autumn because it will not bloom next year.

Vinca minor is also blooming now. It's one of the spring signs here.

It's really beautiful time. I love spring and its colours. Do you?

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