Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Beautiful morning

Spring! I love this season! I love to wake up in the morning when birds are singing and twitting! Today we had a very beautiful morning. It was very sunny... and quite cold. I noticed just +1 C (33,8 F) at 06.30. But the temperature raised quickly and at 10.00 it was +14 C (57,2 F). Not that bad as for March here in central Poland. 

Birds and squirells enjoy spring do much! Plants feel very comfortable in such kind of circumstances. I love my garden and it makes me more patient, stronger and wiser. Let's have a look at my evergreen garden in Polad at early morning spring sunshine!

Lawn is quite green but most of huge trees do not still have fresh leaves. Oaks will get greener a litle bit later than other tres like maples or birches.

Some of evergreen broadleaf shrubs have just started to bloom. Look at this pieris japonica Debutante. Isn't it beautiful?

Vinca minor Variegata started to bloom few days ago!

I cleaned my pond. I also used special liquid which makes the water more transparent and which also helps to combat algaes (or fight with algaes - I do not know which word is proper for that).

I am still waiting for the first barbecue in the garden this year!

I think that I wil have to cut the grass very soon. It started to grow quote fast after some rainfoall that appeared two days ago. 

Please visit my blog systematicly. I will present here condition of my garden and different plant which grow here.


  1. Your garden is very beautiful, no wonder you love it too ;)

    1. Thank you for such a nice comment :) Have a nice weekend!