Sunday, 12 February 2017

Rhododendron Scintillation

When I started to rearrange my garden I wanted to plant as many evergreen shrubs as possible. But I had to take into consideration the climate in Poland, especially winters which can be snowy and cold. We have here 5 different USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) hardiness zones from 7b to 5b. I will publish another post dedicated to winter hardiness zones in my country to make it more clear for you. 

A large number of rhododendrons can withstand low winter temperatures in Poland. One of them is rhododendron Scintillation. It is an extraordinary shrub growing up to 1,5 - 2 metres high and similar width. It blooms in May and flowers can live for 14-20 days. This plant is very hardy and can survive -26 C without any winter protection. 

Leaves are quite big, a little bit eliptic, 15-20 cm long. They are deep green, glossy and shiny. Scintillation should be planted in partial shade, it can grow in full sun but then it needs more water. In fact almost all rhododendrons should be watered regularly. But be careful and do not overwater the plant. Soil shoulb be acidic but reach in humus and always moist.

Flowers are quite big, pink and really beautiful.


I can recommend this plant for everyone who would like to have in the garden a beautiful evergreen shrub with extraordinary flowers in spring.

Stay tuned with my blog! I will soon publish new posts about different plants, botanical gardens and parks. I will also inform you how to take care of  lawn. Best regards!

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