Sunday, 29 January 2017

Evergreen garden is back!

Hello my Dears! I haven't been here for such a long time. No posts, no comments, no pictures, no advices. But I'm back! Hope you will be back too. Starting from today every Sunday afternoon I will publish a post in English where I'll describe some plants from my garden, I will give you some advices sharing with you my experience in gardening. Everything, or maybe I should betters say most of information will be about evergreen broadleaf plants. But I will also show you my short or longer trips not only to different places in Polad but also abroad. We will visit some parks, botanic gardens and historical places. Everything scented with my favourite green colour. 

As I'm very interested in evergreen broadleaf plants there are lots of them in my garden. I live in Poland, close to Warsaw, on its south western suburbs. It's mostly 6B  USDA zone, but the place where I have my garden has local microclimate. There are lots of trees here and the forest is just outside the boundaries of my town. 

I will tell you something more about local climate at Brwinów and Podkowa Leśna in next posts. Now let's concentrate on things that happend in my garden last year. 

January brought some winter landscapes to the area where I live. Unfortunately in the beggining of 2016 there was a strong frost (-22 C) and no snow. Some plants did not withstand this.

 February was not so cold, with lots of sunny and warm days. I mean with the temperature about  +5, +8 C, which is warm for February here. For the first time I took part in National Meeting of Garden Blogers. It took place in Poznań during International Fares "Gardenia".

 March let me plant some flowers typical for incoming sring. They were so lovely!

Magnolias started to bloom in April. Next two pictures were taken in Botanical Garden in Powsin. I spent few plenty days in Georgia in the second part of April, visiting Batumi, Gori, Tbilisi and other beautiful towns that names I canot remember. They were very difficult.

May gave some time for asaleas and rhododendrons. I love them! I also loved few days in Milan, Bergamo and by the Como Lake in Italy.

Summer started in June. I opened my garden for visitors during one weekend in June. We celebrated Open Gardens Festival.

I visited a few nice Polish small towns and parks in July.

August. Top of the summer! It was not as hot as in 2015 when we experienced 17 days wit more then 30 C. My cat called Dyzio was very inrterested in ivies this month. 

September brought some showers that were very useful for tha planst bloomind at the stairs home.

One of my Japaneese maples looked so beautiful in the middle of October.

Some changes occured in my garden in November. I hope there were the last ones.

And December as usually gave us a gif of hoarfrost. It looked quite nice, didn't it.

See you next Sunday afternoon! Cheers!


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    1. Thank you for such a nice opinion :-) Have a nice weekend :-)